Trees as carbon sinks

Obviously trees are the mainstay of the 2nd part of the equation in green house gas reduction. The more trees we have the more CO2 is absorbed.

There are multiple organisations which facilitate the growing, planting and preservation of trees. Most of them require volunteers and donations are always appreciated. There are sometimes benefits for the volunteer too. Apart from the fact that growing and planting trees is good for the soul! The Understorey network will grow trees for members properties for a small fee.

Understorey network.

This is an organisation that are into protecting preserving and rehabilitating native vegetation. They run workshops and field days to show people how to identify and collect seeds and also how to grow seedlings from seed.

As a member you can choose to be as involved as little or as much as you want. From just supporting then with the $27.50 membership fee, or collecting seeds, or growing seedlings from seeds others have collected, or even just receiving the plants and planting them on your own land or with a community group (such as landcare). Otherwise they also have a need for volunteers in administration, research and education/promotion.

Tasmanian Land conservancy

This group is a non profit organisation that protects areas of important conservation value by buying them and either creating permanent reserves, or placing a covenant on them and reselling. It was this group that saved the significant piece of land at Recherche bay by buying it.
Both of these practices obviously require large amounts of money and so they are always looking for donations. However they also need volunteers to grow and plant trees for the maintenance and improvement of the permanent reserves. If you are interested in volunteering email Denna on ua.gro.dnalsat|modgnikd#ua.gro.dnalsat|modgnikd
If you want to learn more about the organisation go to

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