Going Solar

Solar hot water

Rebates: If you are replacing a gas or electric system and your family income is less than 100K you can get a rebate of close to $2000
If it is a new system then you will get around $1600.

I think if you are considering installing solar hot water in Tasmania you have to at least consider an evacuated tube system.

I haven't sighted the studies but the word is they are 40% more efficient than the flat plate systems.
They also work better in colder climates because there is a vacuum inside the tube and so heat doesn't dissipate once captured. For this reason they are the system used in the antarctic.

This system is distributed by our sponsors "Ecotasmania". Mark at Ecotasmania will give a 5% discount on Solar Hot water systems to members of the South Channel sustainable living group.
Contact Mark Rickards on 62240166 or email ua.moc.ainamsatoce|kram#ua.moc.ainamsatoce|kram

Photovoltaic cells

PV cells aren't as cost effective as solar hot water at this stage but there is new technology on the way.
The one I know about is "Sliver technology" if you are interested in finding out more look at http://www.originenergy.com.au/1234/about-us

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