Community Gym


Westwinds gym was started in March 2007 as a place for local residents to come and exercise without having to travel out of the area. What started with an empty hall and enthusiasm, soon turned into a place where bodies moved and friendships were made. In 2007 all classes were taken voluntarily with a $2 donation asked for and all money collected was used to buy equipment. In 2008 a fully qualified and insured instructor takes classes at a cost a $5 each. The gym can still be used at other times at a cost of $2 for those familiar with the equipment and exercises.


Currently there are four classes being run each week. Cost is $5 for a class and $2 for c/c and all classes go for 45min which includes warm up and cool down.
Monday (circuit) and Wednesday (crossfit) at 9.25am - onsite child care (c/c)
Tuesday (crossfit) and Thursday (circuit) at 6.15am.

*Circuit classes comprise of alternate strength and cardio stations which are rotated through to music with the option to use weights. They have a “fun” aspect to them.
*Crossfit classes are a blend of strength and cardio exercises that deliver fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Classes are designed for universal scalability making them the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change the class.


Equipment ranges from mats, dumbbells, kettlebells (Roman Cannonball weights), barbells, treadmill, four Keiser spin bikes (stationary) which we bought through money received from a Volunteer Australia Small Equipment Grant. A collapsible vaulting box, BOSU, fitballs, medicine balls, ropes, poles, steps, and a stereo with ipod attachment and music.

Social network:

Due to the fact that people from all areas of the south channel come and use the gym and that there is child care on site, the chance to form friendships and create social networks is available. We have had a curry night, raised money for breast cancer research and have entered a team in the Point to Pinnacle (1/2 marathon walk). We also have theme classes from time to time – Melbourne Cup circuit, dress in pink day, Madonna and Michael Jackson classes etc…!! Some locals have even ventured into the local “fun run scene.” A walking group was also formed during daylight savings and once a week Woodbridge Hill was conquered. Playgroup is after class on Monday so the chance to catch up with others is there.


We want to see all members of the South Channel have the opportunity to access strength, conditioning and cardio exercise programs regardless of fitness, age, sex or ability. We would love to see people take the opportunity to get strong, fit and confident through being shown the correct way to exercise that is functional and safe.

For more information call Anna Smee (instructor) 0447674009 (m) or email moc.dnopgib|eemsd.a#moc.dnopgib|eemsd.a

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