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What is this website about?

This site was created as a result of the meetings of the climate change action group in Woodbridge in 2007.
The aim of the group was to determine how we could, as a community reduce greenhouse gas emmissions and so contribute to the minimising the impact of climate change for the generations to come.
Reduction of food miles was decided on as one of the primary ways a community could cut down on emissions. It was noted that both Oyster cove fruit and vegetable store and the Woodbridge market would sell local produce- and so if anyone had excess produce it could be sold in either of these outlets. For contact details see: Noticeboard. It was also discussed that surplus produce and also seedlings could be circulated or traded within the community but that this required effective communication one way of facilitating this seemed to be a website.
The South Channel sustainable living group has been created with these aims in mind. To find out more see Sustainable living group

Ideally this website is not only about climate change- but also about building community- as the two should go hand in hand.
The aims of this website are
  1. Facilitate communication for community projects and networking.
  2. Offer ideas for anyone who is looking to live more sustainably.
  3. Stimulate discussion.

To find out more about what is happening in your community see Noticeboard

We are open to feedback. If you have ideas and want to contribute you need to create and account with Wikidot and then Join This Site If you would like to be more involved contact an administrator: Contact
The Website will work better the more it is used. The more discussion the better. The Ask Your Community page will only work if people look at to see if they can help, not just when they need help. So please try to look in this page each time you log on.
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